3rd Day in Benin

I survived day three but am still in the survival mode. I just pretend each day that we are camping only camping in our trailer would be very welcomed at this stage. The electricity goes off several times a day. But we are counting our blessings that it hasn’t gone off at night as we sleep with a fan blowing on us. Even with the fan, there is no need for even a thin sheet. When the electricity goes off if we are in the apartment, I get down to the bare necessities. I was laughing about that today as never in my life have I done that! I guess that is part of being in survival mode. We finally got some matches so we can light the propane hot plate so I cooked some oatmeal this morning but it was too hot for me to want much of it. (Not the oatmeal but the room temperature.) We do have a wall air conditioner and a fan so when the electricity is on it isn’t too bad. I know one thing is for sure—Pete and I will come home a fraction of our former selves as it has been “lean cuisine” so far. But surviving on the best pineapples I have ever tasted will be great. Pete cuts them and we have been eating at least one a day. I forgot to tell you that just when I was ready to shower this morning, there was no water. I haven’t taken a “spit bath” in ages! There again, I count my blessing as 4 of the elders live in an apartment where they never have any water. The water is supposed to be there but no one can seem to get it to work. I asked them how they manage and they just said they use a bottle of water to freshen up and acted like it was no big deal. Their shirts looked like they had no water but that doesn’t keep them from working like crazy.

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